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This Ukrainian refugee project is both a humanitarian effort, as well as a way to increase the workforce in South Dakota. This organization is an outgrowth of the governmental program 'Uniting for Ukraine' (U4U), managed by the Department of Homeland Security for the purpose of granting Ukrainians parole status into the United States.   South Dakota needs workers with a wide variety of skills, and people need to flee a war-torn situation. This can be a win for everyone.

The West River area of South Dakota is mostly rural farm and range land west of the Missouri River which cuts through the entire state. There is a scattering of small rural towns with Rapid City being the hub in the far west of the state. South Dakota is bordered by North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

Rapid City is one of the leading places for technology in South Dakota. The city population is roughly 78,000 people.  Rapid City and the surrounding area population is around 155,000 people. Rapid City is rich in American history and culture. It is one of the best places to live in South Dakota. Rapid City has a strong economy, with Ellsworth Air Force Base increasing its missions and population. Agriculture, tourism, mining, logging, health care, professional services/retail, and Ellsworth Air Force Base are the major employment sectors in Rapid City's economy.

CLIMATE:  Rapid City has 4 seasons. Winter is temperate but may have rare and brief temperatures of 20 below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind and ice can be an issue for short periods, but the Black Hills are considered to be the "banana belt" for South Dakota. It is much warmer than eastern South Dakota. Occasionally, winter temperatures can reach as high as 40-60 degrees F.  It is common to hike, walk, and bike year-round. Summers are temperate with temperatures ranging from 80 to high 90s degrees F.  Fall is a favorite season with hiking and biking well into November is commonplace. The Black Hills
is a tourist destination with more than 3 million people visiting annually to see Mt. Rushmore, so local people especially enjoy the warm fall season to explore the Black Hills. The climate is compared similar to the Australian Alps.

AMENITIES:  Rapid City Regional Airport is the local airport, located just east of Rapid City. The Black Hills offer lakes, hikes, a multitude of outdoor pursuits and scenic drives for a wide variety of recreation.


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